Learn a language while browsing

Learning integrated into
casual browsing everyday   
English words replaced
with your desired 语言
Gamified lessons & quizzes 
added at your finger tips
Google Chrome supported,   
iOS & Android coming soon
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Our Approach

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" Most people don't realize that forgetting what you learned is not the biggest problem.
Forgetting to learn or review in the first place is what matters most.
FlipWord integrates language learning into one of your daily routines -- browsing the web. You never need to start to learn. We have started for you in the content that you are already reading.

Our Chrome extension intelligently and automatically replaces a few words with your desired language on every webpage that you are casually browsing. If you hover over the replaced word, you will have access to a corresponding bite-sized lesson, ranging from vocabulary to fun communication practice. This might include audio-supported example sentences, typing and speaking practice, or even a short Youtube video containing the word you are learning. As you progress, gamified quizzes and interactive challenges will automatically be added to your flipping experience.

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